About FIREBRAND Forerunners Course

FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible Course started in July 2019 and so far graduated over 2,500 students from the Program in three cohorts.

It is a ten-week curriculum-based and Christ-Centered discipleship Course to prune, prepare and propel God’s vessels of Revival working through ministry, missions and marketplace. The Program runs only an online studentship with 2 different tracks [Self – Paced and Intensive] this edition, covering a spectrum of Biblical education for believers who are in the frontline of our Heavenly Father’s Harvest.

The key goal of FIREBRAND Forerunners is to awaken co-laborers, men and women of destiny to step into the harvest of the end-time on the different mountains and spheres of influence. Every move of the Spirit in any generation must be forerun by spiritual preparation, discipleship into the ways of the Kingdom as well as significant intercession – so that those who carry the mandate of God are equipped with stamina and stature.  

This Course is for men and women who are called as voices, scribes, thought-leaders, visionaries, influencers, intercessors and leaders, ready to be commissioned to execute the Kingdom Agenda through church leadership, Christian ministry, rural missions, entrepreneurship, social change or the home front.   

FIREBRAND Forerunners is a part of the FIREBRAND  Movement, a Spirit-led assignment that opened up in 2017 with the launch of DDK’s Books including FIREBRAND, FIREBRAND Psalms, FIREBRAND Prayer Journal and recently FIREBRAND Forerunners Book. It is awakening a God-hungry generation with FIREBRAND Festivals all around the country.  

Course Methodology and Duration

Online Classes will hold over a ten-week period

Intensive Student Track will be covering Facilitator-Led Course Modules, Short Seminars, Mentoring Sessions, Syndicate Group Studies, Practical’s, Book Reading and Review, Course Review, Prayer Meetings, Assessment and Examination. Students will have access to Video/ Audio Content, Worksheets, Small Learning Groups, Academic Community Online, and Webinars.

Self – Paced Student Track will be covering Facilitator-Led Course Modules, access to Video/ Audio Content, Worksheets and Webinars.

  • Enrolment (registration and payment) – Monday 1st March 2021 – Saturday 20th March 2021.
  • Onboarding and Studentship Starter Packs are received by Monday, 22nd March 2021.
  • Classes will open and run from Monday, 29th March – Saturday 5th of June 2021.
  • Team Project Execution will hold Saturday, 29th May 2021.
  • FIREBRAND Forerunner Ordination Vigil holds Sunday, 30th May 2021.
  • Final Revision Class [Q&A] with Dean Thursday, 3rd of June 2021.
  • Graduating Examinations will hold Saturday, 5th of June 2021.

Program Curriculum and Faculty

Our Faculty consists experienced and mature Christian teachers who would provide balanced Scriptural insights on an array of topic areas over the duration of the Course. Please DOWNLOAD Course Brochure to know more about the Sessions, Learning Outcomes, Facilitators etc.

  • WEEK 1:

    Introductions, Orientation, Q and A, 12 Mountain Assessment Test, Administrative Onboarding: This offers delegates a full debrief of what to expect during the FIREBRAND Forerunners Course. It will also include a Vision Setting session with the President, Debola Deji-Kurunmi.
  • WEEK 2:

    Module One - Understanding God’s Kingdom Agenda: This Module provides robust insights on the concept of God as King over a Kingdom, the models of operation in a Kingdom, as well as broad manifesto of God’s Kingdom Agenda across all segments of human life. You will understand the fundamental direction of all of the Father’s plans, purposes and pursuits. You will also recognize the Finish (the prophetic crowning of Divine Agenda and the second coming of Christ).
  • WEEK 3:

    Module Two - Baton Pass: Revival History and our Faith Fathers: This Module shows a historical timeline of God’s revival across generations, key patterns of the move of the Spirit within and outside organized church, as well as Generals who have played significant roles in stirring and stewarding spiritual revolutions within spheres of influence.

    You will be inspired by our rich Christian heritage, and understand the foundations that have been laid for us as well as how we can press into these labors of those who have gone ahead of us.

    Mentor’s Seminar (1) - Principles of Faithfulness and Stewardship: This Seminar will open you up to God’s nonnegotiable demands on any visionary willing to partner with His Kingdom Agenda. Since faithfulness is a requirement for those called to build with God, this session deepens your understanding of service, faithfulness and stewardship of a divine call whether in supporting another man’s or running with your own assignment.
  • WEEK 4:

    Module Three - The Forerunner Anointing and Operation: Every move of the Spirit and weighty work of God, undertaken in any generation, must be forerun by sold-out sons who prepare His way. The Forerunner Anointing and Operation provides a rigorous study into the lives of Elijah, John and Jesus as a spiritual intelligence for carrying a compelling vision and leading a people or generation into that future.

    You will see the pathways they walked in, sacrifices they made, and the operations of this Anointing as a template for how forerunners must take the charge and run with the vision.

    Mentor’s Seminar (2) – Recognizing and Responding to the Call to Ministry: In this Seminar, you’d uncover insights for truly recognizing a specific call from God to serve His Agenda through the five-fold ministry. This lecture helps you discern the signs, signals and signposts of a divine call as well as the right way to say YES! We include an assessment here, to help you clarify your unique gifts, strengths and fields of expression.
  • WEEK 5:

    Module Four - Letter to the Seven Churches: This is a prophetic exposition detailing the spiritual demands of Christ on those who carry a mandate, ministry, or message as leaders of God’s people. You’d find revelations of the Christ, and dimensions of consecration required to represent His Mandate. This Module will help you build the work according to divine pattern, and line up in the similitude of Joel 2 Army formation.

    Mentor’s Seminar (3) – Intercession, Prayer Posture and Prophetic Accuracy: Through this session, we will see the power of prayer to fulfil God’s purpose, overtake territories, gain dominion over darkness, elevate spiritual revelations and fuel the fire of revival in our lives, communities, and nations. You will learn how to take a Posture of Intercession as well as press into prophetic accuracy so that we can wield spiritual authority productively.
  • WEEK 6:

    Module Five – The Forerunner Voyage: Through this Module, you will gain a strong understanding of how to function as a Forerunner. A Forerunner is a valiant visionary or voice preparing a generation for the Finish line; one living with and laying on others an urgency for God’s Will and Work; a leader sent to raise other leaders; one heralding the forthcoming revival and the widespread government of Christ.

    You’d see how the Holy Spirit anoints and appoints Forerunners; as well as how to carry out this role effectively whether as a Pastor of a local assembly, a ministry gift leading a ministry, a missionary in the field of souls, an entrepreneur using Business to advance the Kingdom, a mother raising children for God’s purpose, or a believer seeking to please Christ in everyday life.

    Mentor’s Seminar (4) – Effective Soul Winning/ Missionary Outreach provides an exposition on the strategies for effectively winning souls and engaging the missionary field of souls in nontraditional ways. You will understand God’s burden for souls, and why you are an important co-laborer to reach the unchurched without delay. Pastors and Ministry Gifts will learn how to integrate evangelism into the framework of their ministry activities.
  • WEEK 7:

    Module Six – The Seven Mountains of Influence offers a systematic and seasoned teaching on the Seven Mountains of Influence and your role as a Forerunner to engage the Mountain you’ve been called to. You’d learn how to shape culture as you engage your Mountain, as well as spiritually confront Babylon, a culture against God (in its contemporary dimensions). This Module also provides you assessment tools to prayerfully and clearly discern your Mountain of Influence, as well as helps you craft an Action Plan for using what you’ve been given to elevate the ideals of the Kingdom on that Mountain.

    Mentor’s Seminar (5) – Nurturing Forerunner Alliances: This seminar helps you to discover, develop and deploy alliances with covenant comrades, purposeful partners, fellow forerunners and faith fathers for the accomplishment of God’s Kingdom Agenda. This teaching will also help you understand the dynamics of key destiny relationships including those we must nurture with spiritual leaders, mentors, protégés, ministry associates, confidantes, constituents etc.
  • WEEK 8:

    Module Seven – Discipleship: Scriptural Model for Revolutionary Leadership: In this Module, extraordinary lessons are drawn from leadership models of faith fathers in the Scripture, as a guide for discipleship and mentorship that is impactful and transformational.

    Time-tested methodologies are shown in this Module, for converting minds and growing people into a Unified Front for the Kingdom! For impact to be real, we must move beyond the thinking that events and activities would be sufficient; but begin to understand a longer-term approach to fathering a critical mass for the Finish.

    Mentor’s Seminar (6) – Facilitating Ministry Growth and Church/ Kingdom Expansion will cover the basics of creating a working growth system for a ministry or church in a way that facilitates both establishment and expansion. The mentoring session will also provide answers to diverse areas of leading and running Christian Ministry/ Church.
  • WEEK 9:

    Module Eight – The Purpose of Wealth: Since Forerunners must be hold wealth in trust, dispense as required, mobilize for the work and give account of God’s prosperity; it is important to understand how to work with the resources of the Kingdom. This Module shows the different dimensions of Kingdom Wealth Allocation, Access and Administration. You’d also recognize the limitations you’ve experienced so far in entering divine provision, as God shows you the real Purpose of Wealth.

    Mentor’s Seminar (7) – Business as a Tool for the Kingdom Agenda: This session provides uncommon insights on how God accomplishes His purposes through the vehicle of entrepreneurship. You will learn why entrepreneurship is not just economic in ramification, but also spiritual in essence, as well as Scriptural principles for doing Business as a Marketplace Apostle, and Forerunner.

    Ordination Prayer Vigil: This Vigil will lead us into remarkable encounters that will propel us by the Holy Spirit into the fields of souls, within diverse contexts of our divine calling. All students in are expected to be present (physically or online) to partake in the ordination prayers, as well as fatherly counsel from the Spiritual Leaders at the Vigil.

    Team Project Execution: Building up to the last week, students would have spent time planning a Team Project. In the final week at the School, you will work together with other members of your Small Learning Team to take the gospel into the Streets. You’re required to host a Project that directly impacts a community of your choice, and alleviates their burden or solves a social problem.

    Team Projects could be visit and materials donation to an orphanage, painting a ghetto community, renovating a local Health Care Center, building a Primary School library etc. Students may work on a new idea or partner with existing organizations.

    Students that enrolled to join the Intensive track will experience this.

    Examinations and Submissions: The FIREBRAND Forerunners Course closes with a full-Modular, time-bound online Examination in both multi-choice and Essay format. Students will write the Examinations from their preferred location, but would all start and end at the same time.

    No assessment and examination for students that enrolled for the self paced track.
    Certificate will only be issued to Intensive Track Students who complete all academic requirements: Assignments, Assessment, Team Project Execution, Examinations and score at least an average of 100%

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the FIREBRAND Forerunners Course, you will:

  • Become aflame with new fire, love and passion for God!
  • Have a stronger understanding of your role in God’s Kingdom Agenda, as a part of the Finishing Army.
  • See how your God-given Purpose fits into God’s greater Plans for the end time, and what you can do to step into divine destiny.
  • Gain clarity about how to lead a generation into the move of the Spirit, whether through your work as a ministry gift, entrepreneur, missionary, mother or corporate visionary.
  • Learn how to grow a Christ-centered ministry or local assembly that is modelled after the patterns of the Kingdom.
  • Understand the spiritual requirements over us as a generation to stir and steward the coming revival.
  • Prepare to CREATE SOMETHING EPIC with God, as a co-laborer in the field of souls, but beyond the four walls of organized Church.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to host a Team Project as a Forerunner; impacting society directly with other compassionate saints.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to join FIREBRAND Forerunners, prospective student must be:

A Born-Again Christian, who understands the foundational teachings of the Christian Faith including salvation, repentance, holiness, life in the Spirit and service.
Preferably a serving member of a local assembly, and following the leadership of a Bible-believing shepherd/ Pastor/ spiritual leader. The School may request a reference letter from same.
Self – Paced Student Track have access to all the resources on the learning platform, they will receive weekly guide through emails.
Intensive Student Track must be available and present for all classes, and participate in sessions as well as group work, assignments, assessments, examination and other recommended activities.
Willing to devote at least three hours weekly, for further private study and reflection.
Committed to apply the teachings from the Course in practicum of ministry, missions or marketplace etc.

Tuition Fee and Payments

Tuition covers Video and Audio of Course Materials, Course Materials and Reading Resources (in eVersions), Access to Small Learning Team, Free Copy of FIREBRAND Forerunner eBook and Certificate.


1. What is a Self- Paced Track?
Student that enrolled for this track will experience learning by themselves and have access to all the resources on the learning platform, they will receive weekly guide through emails.
2. What is an Intensive Paced Track?
Students that enrolled to this track will experience learning in a Small Learning Teams . Student must be available and present for all classes, and participate in sessions as well as group work, assignments, assessments, examination and other recommended activities.
3. How do I know FIREBRAND Forerunners is for me?
If you’re experiencing the restlessness of birth pangs in your spirit – you know God is raising an army in this generation, and He has handed you an assignment that is bigger than you; then you should take this Course!
4. How would the Online Classes run?
You will receive unique log-in and personalized access into our Course Learning Area where you find all learning materials for your use. Students that enrolled for the Self-Paced Track will have acess to Video and Audio content of 15 Modules, Workbooks, Recommending Reading and webinars. Students that enrolled for the Intensive Track will have access to Video and Audio content of 15 Modules, Workbooks, Recommending Reading,Webinars , Resources, Book Reviews, Learning Discussions and will experience team work that happens weekly in a Small Learning Team (on WhatsApp) led by Team Moderators, assessments and examination upon completing the requirement will be issued a certificate.
5. When is the next batch of the FIREBRAND Forerunners Course?
The course will reopen in March for online -only with 2tracks of Self-paced and Intensive.
6. What do the Small Learning Teams really offer?
This is solely for student that enrolled to join the Intensive track. You will have access to the Small Learning Teams to deepen learning, reflection and community which will boost the overall experience you will enjoy during the Course. Every week, students within SLTs of about 50 in total, will hold reviews on the Lead Session and Mentorship Seminar of the week, work on assignments together and spend some time praying for one another. They also host a Team Project that impacts directly on a community of choice.
7. What if I want our ministry leaders or church workers to sign up for FIREBRAND Forerunners Course?
Students that enrolled for the Intensive track have access to group discounts.
8. I am not so sure if I’m called to ministry, but I definitely want to be a vessel for God’s work on earth. Can I join?
Yes, that’s our desire too! We want believers, beyond pulpit ministry, to find and fulfil diverse outlets for following God’s call and doing His work.
9. How can I know more about FIREBRAND, FIREBRAND Festivals and the Books – FIREBRAND, FIREBRAND Forerunners, and FIREBRAND Prayer Journal?
Thank you for your interest. Please learn more about FIREBRAND HERE. Please check HEREfor these resources.
10. I am currently running a Bible School Program, can I still enroll for this Course?
We advise that you complete the Program you’re currently running, and re-enroll for FIREBRAND Forerunners at a different time, as both require your full attention and time.

Contact Information

For more information or enquiries, please write to admin@firebrand.ng or call Christianah  on 07016363300  

Would you like to sponsor this vision, so that we can provide scholarship to students? Thank you! Please write to info@firebrand.ng  

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