Walk with the Holy Spirit in a fresh, new way and discover beautiful depths in your spiritual walk with Jesus Christ.

FIREBRAND Festival started in 2017, with the first edition holding alongside the launch of FIREBRAND, the Book.

Free-flowing combustion gatherings are usually close-knit encounter meetings for hungry God-chasers! So far, we’ve held 13 editions in Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja, Nigeria.

The Festivals are a safe atmosphere for worshippers, seekers, sons, and daughters of the Awakening as well as hearts crying out for fresh fire. It is an unorganized and structureless flow Upper Room experience for believers longing to touch our Heavenly Father’s heart. We don’t come for our needs or Agenda; we just submit to see the move of God break out in our midst!

We don’t come for our needs or Agenda; we just submit to see the move of God break out in our midst!

The Holy Spirit is the convener of FIREBRAND Festival and we trust Him for the baptism of fire and of Himself with diverse kinds of tongues, the reawakening of gift, accurate counsel, supernatural light, returning the distant back home, and setting ablaze the altars that have gone cold.

“What a joy to just gather, away from the noise, to fall in love with Scriptures and pray in simple yet powerful ways.”

 We’d also share from FIREBRAND and take lessons/ make commitments for faith walk.


Testimonials On Firebrand Festivals

Firebrand Festival was a most defining moment in destiny for me. God literally worked on my heart and birthed me into a new woman hungry for God.
The December edition of Firebrand Festival planted me on the path of destiny. There, I got a prophetic confirmation of what God has been saying to me… It was an intersection of obedience spiraling into accurate events of destiny. I’m more than grateful I came.”
I attended firebrand festival sometime last year. I recorded the session on my phone. I pray with it most nights. Now I can confidently say that I am no longer a girl or a woman, I am a warrior on fire! – AOB
The first firebrand festival I attended changed my life. It birthed a spiritual hunger in me I didn’t know was present. It was so much that I knew that I had to do more and God laid in my heart that other ladies around me too must enjoy it. This instruction birthed the LUTH firebrand festival and then I saw his handiwork throughout the planning of the program. I have seen God answer prayers offered at the festival including qualifying as a medical doctor and it’s not something I ever want to recover from.
I was at the book launch and the Lekki Firebrand Festival and it was an upper room experience. It was not about us or DDK; it was about the Holy Spirit. There was no vestige of organized religion or church as we know it; The Holy Spirit was priority and He was expressed in multiple dimensions. This was the most breathtaking factor of the FIREBRAND revival that I find remarkably potent because its impact was permanent especially in shaping my perception of the Fatherhood of God and deepening my relationship with Him beyond mere religious exercise.
I knew if reading the Firebrand book stirred such longing pangs in me, the firebrand festival must be an invitation to much more. As we worshipped during the festival, I opened my eyes and the venue was filled with the glory cloud. The Father’s presence was tangible and I was transformed for exploits.
I would personally describe each Firebrand Festival I attend as a fresh encounter with the fire of God’s love and a revelation of Jesus. I go into depths and heights in God never experienced before. Its like a dredging exercise in the well of my Spirit – wastes are excavated and a refined expression of gold is birthed in me. The Firebrand Festival is an Experience words cannot describe!!!
Firebrand festival was an awakening, a time of deep, personal communion with God. The prayer sessions were accurate in season, guiding me into deeper understanding of some parts of the book-Firebrand. Simply put, at the festival, a new dimension of prayer and communion with the Father was birthed within me