The FIREBRAND Vision is an urgent prophetic clarion call from our Heavenly Father, to awaken a generation that is hungry for His Spirit and burning with passionate desire for Him in this final hour. What we see is that the Holy Spirit is pouring hunger pangs on sons and daughters; and quickening altars of prayer so that the Day of Awakening and Revival can be born amongst us.

Our desperate desire and humble consecration before the Lord is to sound this Alarm, and to announce this Day of the Lord till we are captured by the Passions of Christ. We believe that the Holy Spirit wants to hold our hands and lead us into secret places in God. He wants to take us through surprising pathways into prayer revivals. He wants to awaken a generation unto an unpopular emotion – it is called Divine Desire, a place in our spirits where we want God so much that everything else loses appeal.

We believe the Holy Spirit wants to show us the pleasure we have never known in the place of prayer, the ecstasy we’ve never tasted in worship and the wonder we’ve never tasted in communion. I believe that the beginning of the revival is not a church ready to change the world, but a people ready to be changed by God. It is not first in what we can do for Him, but what He must do in us.

We believe that boredom and religious duty is about to be replaced by an undeniable passion for discipleship. And Jesus will no longer only meet with us during quiet times, but at all times.

Indeed, we see the rise of a powerful class of believers, ordained for this hour who will PROPHESY. They will speak of things to come, they will articulate the intentions of God, and give corporate expressions to divine insights. They will build up the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, and pull down the structures of darkness. They will loud the Clarion Call of the Spirit and open up new vistas of wisdom. They will build tabernacle of Truths, and rally a generation to gather around the Light. They will lead the sound of the Alarm, and awaken many to the sign of the end time. They are the FIREBRANDS, unafraid of opposition, undaunted by negativity, unbroken by adversity, and uncorrupted by evil.

FIREBRAND is a mandate to release believers into a Personal Revival journey with the Holy Spirit so that He can transform us to transform the world.

May you be stirred and strengthened by the  resources flowing out of this divine assignment including FIREBRAND Books, Journals, CDs, Festivals and Courses. Amen!