A 30-day online Devotional Guide to reawaken your desperate desire for God and set fresh fire on your prayer altar.

Have you ever said...

“I really love the Lord, but I can’t seem to pray consistently!”

“I feel like my relationship with God has few period of highs and longer period of lows?

“I struggle with staying disciplined to continuous devotion to God because there’s just so much to do and I can’t seem to manage my time!”

“I try to pray but it seems so tough to connect. Prayer feels like a difficult duty for me!”

“My heart is often overwhelmed by fear, guilt, shame or pain that I can’t worship or come freely into God’s Presence.”

“I know there’s a great calling over my life, but I can’t just seem to grow my relationship with Jesus!”

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There is a loud longing, a rising roar and a desperate desire in your heart for God - and there is nothing else in the world that can satisfy you except God Himself!

Did You Know?

God wants you more than you need him.

Prayer was never meant to feel like a chore, a daily to-do to check off your list. God desires a continual abiding in His Presence that prayer becomes an ongoing conversation with Him that never ends! True spirituality is not an exclusive reserve for some, but a glorious gift for all those who have come to Christ.

You are a Spiritual wo(man) and it is your destiny to walk closely with the Holy spirit. To live everyday enjoying the beautiful fellowship of the Spirit!

Today, the Holy Spirit makes you an invitation to depths you’ve never been, to heights you’ve never reached, to experiences you’ve never had and to the wo(man) you’ve been called to be in Christ! It is time to say YES!!!

Join the Firebrand Reawaken Devotional

This online Devotional is a resourceful guide that supports your spiritual journey back to revival encounters! Providing daily content, it helps you follow a simple but profound pattern of Scripture Study, real reflections, passionate prayers and active adjustments!

FIREBRAND REAWAKEN is for believers who desire to be reawakened from their spiritual drowsiness and set on fresh fire for God; for those who refuse to carry the baggage of the flesh, or be put down by guilt and condemnation but want to be captured in totality by the God of their days.

As a companion to your spiritual encounters with the Lord Jesus Christ; this Devotional can be used privately or serve as a study guide/ prayer plan for Christian groups, Church Cell Groups or Ministry Teams to drive enriching spiritual experiences for many believers.

Our desire for the FIREBRAND REAWAKEN is for you to burn daily with Passion and Pursuit of the Christ.

What's Inside?

Daily Devotional Content
Facebook Support Group
HUNGER PANGS Music Playlist
Video Messages
Downloadable Content
Journal Prompts
Scripture Study Plan
Personal Reflection Questions

Are you ready

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