FIREBRAND Festival Campus Coordinator

Job Summary
We are seeking spiritually mature believers in Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education and Higher Institutions of Learning to host and lead independently held FIREBRAND Festivals on Campus, that provides God-hungry saints an opportunity to gather in revival prayers, national intercessions, consecration worship and spiritual awakening before Lord.

As a FIREBRAND Festival Coordinator, you’d be required to manage an independently held FIREBRAND Festival as a project, working with a provided guide. This would involve leading a team, coordinating a series of activities, planning the event and ensuring an intercessory team is praying. You would also report on the Festival when it has held.

  • Work to host a FIREBRAND Festival on your Campus, leading a project management brief with a team
  • Assemble a volunteer team of intercessors, event planners, publicity managers, organisers and media support members etc. towards effectively executing the Festival
  • Work in tandem with the FIREBRAND Movement Team for guidance, instructions and support
  • Provide a budget for the FIREBRAND, and resourcefully utilise funds
  • Provide a report at the end of the FIREBRAND Festival, using the Movement’s guide
  • Work with the Program Director, and accomplish any other assigned tasks
  1. Current student or fresh graduate in a Higher Institution of Learning
  2. Born-Again Christian, and has been in previous leadership or strong service opportunities within a Christ-centered ministry, church or campus outreach
  3. Has strong desire to bring FIREBRAND Festival to your Campus or Community of young, vibrant believers
  4. Able to lead a team, coordinate a time-bound project and execute based on agreed standards.
  5. Passionate, fervent and shares our spiritual values. Find our Statement of Faith here –
  6. Will be available for meetings with our team, and able to communicate clearly same to a team of volunteers
  7. Being a part of previous FIREBRAND Festivals is an advantage

This is a volunteer ministry and service opportunity. 

Apply as a FIREBRAND Festival Campus Coordinator

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