Guest Author / Writer, FIREBRAND Movement

Faculty Member, FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible School

Job Summary
We are seeking spiritually mature believers, with a passion for teaching, discipling and mentoring through written resources, blogs and books to join our Guest Authors and Writers at FIREBRAND Movement. You must have a strong sense of call toward ministry, genuine passion to see others rise in Scriptures and a diligent spiritual devotion to methodically mentor others in doctrine and Truth. If appointed, you will serve within our Writing Faculty and report directly to the Program Director.

As Guest Author or Writer, you will become a part of our Writing Council, working with other authors on titles in our Book Series, writing on our blog or providing written resources and materials that support the Academic Programs at FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible School.

  1. Writing a chapter or more in Book(s) within the FIREBRAND Book Series
  2. Writing in full or in part for Bible Study Plans that address specific areas of Christian life, faith and ministry
  3. Transcribing messages, prayers and contemplations from FIREBRAND Movement into written resources, materials and guides for students in our Program
  4. Creating fiction-based stories to teach Kingdom Principles and engage culture 
  5. Write for specific audience based on calling, expertise and interest e.g. children, teenagers, young women, men, Christian leaders etc.
  6. Other requirements (writing-related) as may be assigned and discussed before project commencement.
  • Graduate of FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible Course.
  • Desire to grow experience in ministry-based teaching, discipleship and mentoring¬†
  • Demonstrated ability to teach, expound on Scriptures and grounded understanding of the Doctrines of our Christian Faith, through writing and authorship
  • Commitment to the mission of FIREBRAND Movement.
  • Willingness to undertake efforts in research and field studies to establish strong need areas for our Book Series.

This is a volunteer position with the ministry and we undertake a careful selection process. It is significantly remote, but requires devotion of time and heartfelt service. You may specify your available commitment volunteer hours.

Apply as a Guest Author/ Writer below

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