Order and Sales Officer, FIREBRAND

Order and Sales Officer, FIREBRAND

Job Summary
We are seeking a bright, diligent and dependable program officer to join our growing team. You must be detail-oriented and willing to learn within a fast-paced leadership environment. Your excellent capacity to connect with people, understand and sale our resources as well as manage inventory would be critical. You will serve with and report directly to the Program Director.

As Order and Sales Officer, you will be responsible for managing sales of our books, promoting our resources on social media, liaising with Sales Reps across the country and overseeing the Inventory. You will also undertake any other key responsibilities to which you are appointed by the Program Director.

  • Creatively leverage social media platforms as a platform to drive publicity and sales for our books
  • Sell all our books directly at FIREBRAND Festivals, and other ministry events.
  • Manage database of past customers and buyers of our books and resources
  • Answer customer questions accurately; prioritize and/or escalate lead and customer questions as needed
  • Promote specific books each month, announcing any offers or discounts as directed by senior leadership
  • Maintain positive business and customer relationships in the effort to extend customer lifetime value
  • Develop strategies for more effective sales, both individually and as part of a team
  • Track all appointments, sales, complaints, status reports, etc. thoroughly for management review
  • Write regularly to customers and run informational book reviews to mailing list.
  • Manage the upload of new books to sales platforms, website and physical book stores
  • Manage Books Inventory and track sales as well as order reconciliations from Sales Reps as well as Bookstores housing our books.
  • Liaise with delivery agencies to deliver ordered books to our clients.
  • Track orders and ensure timely delivery to clients
  • Ensure quality of published books, and build relationships with our Publishers
  • Enter order details (e.g. vendors, quantities, prices) into internal databases
  • Maintain updated records of purchased products, delivery information and invoices
  • Prepare reports on purchases, monitor stock levels of all books, and notify Program Director for new order as at when due.
  • Coordinate proper storage of books at warehouse 
  1. Bachelor’s degree in management, human services, or related field
  2. 0 – 2 years of work experience 
  3. Basic data management skills
  4. Strong personal leadership and motivation
  5. Good planning and project management competence
  6. Proficient using Microsoft Suite (Excel, Outlook, Access, etc.)
  7. Organized and detail-oriented
  8. Exceptional communication skills, both oral and written
  9. Excellent customer service skills
  10. Creativity and adept use of social media

This is a full-time role, but is mostly remote, and may not require your physical presence except at scheduled meetings and live ministry events. Preferred Location (but not compulsory) – Lagos, Nigeria. Our team members are, however, very adept at personal mastery and time management to deliver excellently on assigned tasks.

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