The FIREBRAND Vision is an urgent prophetic clarion call from our Heavenly Father, to awaken a generation that is hungry for His Spirit and burning with passionate desire for Him in this final hour.

Our books in the FIREBRAND Book Series have been powerful tools through which the Lord is schooling His saints to partner with Him in advancing Kingdom Agenda today. Till date, we’ve published FIREBRAND, FIREBRAND Forerunners, FIREBRAND Prayer Journal and FIREBRAND Reawaken Devotional.

The FIREBRAND Book Clubs provide reading communities and accountability groups to help you learn and grow with other believers, drawing insights from books in the FIRERBRAND Series. This edition hosts two books for FIREBRAND and FIREBRAND Forerunners. You can only join ONE Book Club.


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FIREBRAND Book is a propelling invitation to become God’s kind of wo[man] – aglow, aflame and ablaze. FIREBRAND is the beginning of a beautiful journey, where you begin to see yourself in a whole new way; not merely as a wo[man] trying to find your way through life, but as a breathing institution, birthing an awakening, and establishing Heaven on Earth.

FIREBRAND Forerunners Book is an alarm of the spirit to the Finishing Generation. The Ecclesia Army is arising and they will no longer make their relationship with the Holy Spirit a merely personal possession, but will turn that revival into a wildfire that will accomplish the purpose of God for their generation and finish His work.

Registration for FIREBRAND Book Clubs ends on Friday, 25th of June 2021

The FIREBRAND Book Club is for you if:

  1. You want to know how to yield to the leadership of the the Holy Spirit so that He can do a deep work within you.
  2. You are ready to be pruned, prepared and propelled to blaze as a burning and shinning light in these last days.
  3. You sense deep hunger and divine restlessness in your spirit but you don’t know how to steward it.
  4. You desire Firebrand friendships, community and covenant relationships.
  5. You want to be healed of inconsistency, cold altars and blurry visions
  6. You want to discover your divine portion in the grand scale of God’s Kingdom Agenda
  7. You desire to be refined by God’s purifying fire so that you can accurately represent Him

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FIRERBAND Book Testimonies

FIREBRAND Forerunners Book Testimonies


  • 12 Weeks journey of consecration, pruning and purification with the Holy Spirit that will transform you so that you can transform the world. 
  • Learn #DDK’s hacks on how to  speed read and get the very best out of the Books.
  • Experienced and trained faculty members who will set the learning atmosphere for God to invade you!
  • A Learning Community to deepen your encounters with God, practical wisdom, scriptural answers to the lingering questions in your heart etc ,
  • You should look out for the following and more
    • Simple and easy guide reading calendar
    • Worksheet, reflective questions, snippets and guidelines on chapters to be covered weekly
    • Powerful and rich weekly reviews
    • Hunger Pangs Prayers
    • Word Puzzle curated from each chapter
    • bi-weekly mini FIREBRAND Festivals
    • Group mentorship, accountability and discipleship
    • Webinar with DDK – Q & A Sessions, Prayer Revivals, Teachings and Worksheets

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This Course will fully run online.

This Book Club would run on FIREBRAND Book Club Telegram Channel.

Every Sunday you’d receive reading schedule for the week, snippets from the chapter of the week, prophetic declarations for the week from FIREBRAND Prayer Journal. Saturday Evening Powerful Reviews with other believers using Worksheets, Reflective Questions and Prayers. Biweekly Mini Festivals Sunday evenings on Zoom. Mid Course Teaching  Webinar with DDK.

The Telegram Community offers you great accountability, hand-holding, Scriptural encouragement, as well as the opportunity to hold Evening Study Reviews with fellow believers and learn with our trained faculty members. 

This is a FREE Program, graciously provided by the donations and support of our FIREBRAND Forerunner Bible School Alumni.

No you can not join Two Book Clubs. Both Books are very bulky and intense, it is better you explore one at a time.

 Yes, if you’re able to fit the other Courses into your schedule. For instance,  you can take the 30 Days FIREBRAND Reawaken Course. It’s a resourceful guide that will stir you and steer your journey back to revival encounters!

No. it is for every man and woman burning with divine hunger and carrying a mandate to represent God as His valiant visionary vessel and voice