FIREBRAND Forerunners Course - Program Feedback Survey

    Understanding God’s Kingdom Agenda
    Principles of Faithfulness and Stewardship
    The Forerunner Anointing and Operation
    Recognising and Responding to the Call to Ministry
    Letter to the Seven Churches
    The Forerunner Voyage
    Effective Soul Winning/ Missionary Outreach
    Module Six – The Seven Mountains of Influence
    Nurturing Forerunner Alliances
    Discipleship: Scriptural Model for Revolutionary Leadership
    Facilitating Ministry Growth/ Expansion
    The Purpose of Wealth
    Business as a Tool for the Kingdom Agenda

    Course Videos
    Course Materials
    Learning Team Reviews and Prayers
    Group and Personal Assignments
    Onsite Revision Class
    Course Webinar

    The Classes
    Field Practicum
    Impact Project