Join DDK for a 3-Day Live Course Sprint at FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible Course 3

This is only for currently admitted students or Alumni of the Program.

During the FFBS3 Live Course Sprint, you get the opportunity to spend three full Days with DDK in vulnerable personal-journey conversations, spiritual mentorship, Q and A sessions, prophetic activation and deep spiritual unveilings.

DDK will provide fresh insights and answers to your questions on any of the topics covered in FIREBRAND Forerunner Bible Course. She will teach you additional short modules covering the following:

  • Prophetic Insights for Kingdom Visionaries: How to Prepare for What’s Unfolding
  • Sustaining the Personal Consecrations of a FORERUNNER
  • Rallying a Troop: Finding, Leading and Growing your Company for Divine Assignments
  • Understanding the Honor Code: Spiritual Fathers, Leaders and Mentors
  • Activating Mountain Influence: What to Do Practically on the Mountain you’ve been Sent!

For currently enrolled students, please note that this Onsite Session will hold during a lecture-free week, and will not interfere with your Academic Calendar.

Event Details are below:

Event Dates


Monday, 26th – Wednesday, 28th October 2020
Event Venue


Lagos Nigeria
Event Time


9am – 6pm Daily
Event Fee

Note that this Fee covers feeding, additional course materials and program access. It does not include standard tuition fee for the Online Course.

Paid Delegates of this Live Sprint will receive Media Replay Access to all the Sessions.

Media Replay is also free for students of FFBS Cohort 3.

Are you an FFBS 1 and 2 Alumnus, can’t join the Live Sessions but want Access to Media Replay Only?