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A Pure Heart is the access code to deeper places in God! GET Schooled.

Blessed are the Pure in Heart, for they shall see God.

Matthew 5:8

The HeartWork Course is a Scriptural Schooling System to cleanse, grow and propel believers into having a heart like God’s. The HeartWork Course is a heart revival by the Holy Spirit upon believers. If you will be used by God, the Lord must prepare your heart to bear His counsel.

The HeartWork Course is a Self-Paced Schooling of the Spirit that causes your heart to be transformed into a Spiritual heart. Sessions include Core Teaching Modules, complete with valuable resources and prophetic activations that would release you into a deeper degree of maturity in Christ.

This edition is an intensive experience of scriptural schooling, it will hold virtually as a Self-Paced learning. Courses will be taken on the FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible Course Learning Platform with worksheets and other learning resources.

Registration for this Cohort starts on Tuesday, 7th September 2021 to Saturday, 25th September 2021. Access to the learning platform opens 24 hours after registration.




HeartWork is for you, if:


In this session, the Father met with us, it was a time of prophetic prayers, worship and just fellowship with the Lord.

In this Session, we will take you through a dive into the Study of the Human Heart. Here, we pointed out that our journey as Believers is one of warfare and our DNA in Christ is to have a heart like Christ. We will also look into the Spirit, Soul and Body and the effect they have on our walk as Believers. Then we will close up with the truths about why our hearts matter to God.

In this Session, we will explore Satan’s Operations against the Hearts of Saints. We will be schooled in the devices of the devil so that we are not outwitted by him. During this session, we will also see the three (3) enemies of the Saints and how Satan comes against believers. We learn that we must guard the gates of our hearts and stay armored up at all times.

In this session was an immersion into the Father’s Love. We also look at the story of the Prodigal son and the love the Father showed him. It was such a time of fellowship in the presence of God.


In this Session, we start with the different manifestations of the Carnal Hearts. We see how we gained the divine nature through the death and resurrection of the Last Adam. We will also explore the differences between the Sinful Nature, Sin and the Flesh and the strengths of the flesh. There is an introduction into the Personalities of the Carnal Heart and the Fruits of the Spirit that help war against them.


In this Session, we look at the Personalities of the Carnal Heart; we will explore how the Carnal Heart can manifest itself in different forms with Case Studies from the Bible. We also cover the Operations of the Spirit that can be used to daily conquer these personalities in a Believer’s life.

In this Session, we cover the Anatomy of the Heart of God. We will learn about how God seeks a heart/seed for each generation and how that generation can accomplish the purposes of God.

We also took a deep dive into Scriptures about David, whom God called a Man after His heart. She explores what David did and how he was able to have such a deep fellowship and communion with the Father. We will also look into the Attributes of God’s Heart and we will see the Characteristics of God such as His Love, Truth, Faithfulness and Patience [just to mention a few].

In this Session, we looked at the difference between a Pure heart and a Clean heart. We learn that God desires a singleness in our pursuit of Him, God wants to be either Lord of all or not Lord at all. We also look at God’s Surgical Operations upon the Human heart. It is indeed an insightful session.

The Activation Vigil was a time of unhindered fellowship and worship in God’s presence backed up with prayers for Africa, declarations and a time of encounters in Abba’s presence.

We looked at the Transportation Systems into Heavenly Portals and saw the importance of the Heart in transporting from the Heavenly Portals to the earthly realm

It was indeed an amazing time of fellowship.

“FIREBRAND Heart Work changed my ENTIRE LIFE!” ------- An Equipping Heart Surgery School of the Spirit!

We’ve found our Programs to be such FIRE-LIGHTERS in the hearts of saints. Whether young or old, men and women alike go through FIREBRAND Movement and transform in the most unimaginable ways – as they come into deeper clarity about who they are, and what God has called them to do

Here are some of the Highlights of the FIREBRAND Movement.

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Firebrand Vision​

The FIREBRAND Vision is an urgent prophetic clarion call from our Heavenly Father, to awaken a generation that is hungry for His Spirit and burning with passionate desire for Him in this final hour.

We believe the Holy Spirit wants to show us the pleasure we have never known in the place of prayer, the ecstasy we’ve never tasted in worship and the wonder we’ve never tasted in communion. I believe that the beginning of the revival is not a church ready to change the world, but a people ready to be changed by God. It is not first in what we can do for Him, but what He must do in us.



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If you desire to have a heart like God and want to access more of Him- you know your love walk with God is first perfected in the heart.

This edition will run online from Wednesday, 8th September 2021.

That’s truly a great idea, and we’d be happy to work with you!

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No, this edition of Heart Work is strictly self-paced. 

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