YOU Belong to God’s Finishing ARMY.

GET Equipped!

GET Equipped!

Now it shall come to pass in the latter day that the mountain of the Lord’s house shall be established on the top of the mountains and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow to it. - Isaiah 2:2

FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible Course is a ten-week curriculum-based and Christ-Centered discipleship Course to prune, prepare and propel believing sons and daughters of God as vessels, voices and visionaries of His Kingdom Agenda; working in ministry, missions, marketplace and even in marriage.

This is an unusual, new-wine School of the Spirit that awakens you to your destiny in Christ. Program covers 8 Core Modules and 16 Seminar Sessions; it runs alongside optional Small Learning Teams and complete with valuable Resources. Students are supported all through the Intensive Program, Assignments, Team Projects and Field Practicum, on to their Graduating Examinations, after which they are awarded Certificates.

Registration for the 3rd Cohort (which is fully ONLINE closes on Wednesday, 23rd September 2020. Classes open Monday, 28th September 2020.

ABOUT FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible Course


FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible Course is for you, if: 

  • You’re hungry for a new fire, fervor and fervency in your Spiritual Life; so that you can light others with the same awakening.
  • You are unsure about God’s purpose and calling over your life; and feel like you’ve run in circles for a long time.
  • You’ve received several significant prophecies, instructions and visions about what the Lord has called you to be and do, but don’t know how to move forward into accomplishment.
  • You know you’re called to ministry, but really struggle with feeling inadequate and incapable to partner with God for the end-time agenda.
  • You seek to deepen your understanding of the Kingdom Agenda, and how to enforce God’s Mandate through what people consider “secular” work.
  • You are hungry for so much more than you currently experience in your spirituality; and feel completely tired of religion without revival.
  • You’re unsure of a Christ-centered approach to doing ministry, running mentoring systems or leading an effective discipleship program.
  • You are a visionary with a clear divine assignment, and now really seek a Kingdom Blueprint for fulfilling the work according to God’s Pattern.
  • You want to submit to a rigorous schooling system that prepares and propels you to do more for God in your sphere of influence
  • You need a Community of FIREBRANDs to challenge you into the next level in your walk with and work for Jesus Christ
  • You’re not sure about the Mountain of Influence you have been sent to, and what it takes to fully operate there.
  • You know you’re called to awaken spiritual revivals in people, families, communities and nations.

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“FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible Course changed my ENTIRE LIFE!”

We’ve found this Program to be such a FIRE-LIGHTER in the hearts of saints. Whether young or old, men and women alike go through the Course and transform in the most unimaginable ways – as they come into deeper clarity about who they are, and what God has called them to do.

Here are some of the Highlights of the FIREBRAND Movement.

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What Does this Program Really have for YOU?

8 Core Learning Modules

The FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible Course Curriculum is nothing like you’ve seen. You’d take a deep dive into the Kingdom Agenda, and the role of a 21st century believer in shaping culture, engaging spheres of influence and creating transformation as God’s vessel of revivals in contemporary context. Modules are complete with worksheets, resources, eBooks and learning aids.

Special Seminar Sessions

Our Guest Mentors including Dele Osunmakinde, Dotun Arifalo, Deji Kurunmi, Olori Boye-Ajayi, Damilola Oluwatoyinbo, Imisi Owolabi, Sola Okodugha and other mentors open up amazing Scriptural dimensions across the disciple’s lifestyle, global missions, building a ministry, Kingdom Alliances, business prosperity, spiritual stewardship and social reformation etc.

Small Learning Teams

Often the best compliment we receive, our Small Learning Teams are a special part of the studentship experience you’d have at FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible Course. These are smaller, close-knit communities help strengthen prayer altars, learning experiences, group sharing, team project execution as well as amazing friendships!

Field Practicum and Team Project

Beyond the extraordinary Curriculum, you get to work on a Team Project with other forerunners to take the gospel into the Streets. This is usually an exciting opportunity to create impact for a community of your choice, and alleviate the burdens of people in specific ways. In the past, our Alumni have visited and donated to an orphanages, hospitals, schools as well as missionaries.

Prophetic Activations

The Supernatural Presence of God has always so present with us all through this Course. You’d have many prophetic encounters, spiritual visitations and prayerful activations during Prayer Sessions, Ordination Vigil, as well as Prophetic Calls with DDK.

Member-Only Webinars including Q and A

Throughout the Program, you will join DDK and other Mentors on member-only webinars, that further open up powerful insights for your spirituality and faith. These calls are also so refreshing as well as instructive! You also get to ask questions in the Q/A segment.

12 Mountains Assessment, Grouping and Mentorship

We use our original, archetypal 12 Mountains Assessment to help you clarify the sphere(s) of influence where you have been sent as a Kingdom Leader in this generation. Based on your results, we will assign you to a unique Mountain Group, where you find other visionaries like you – and that’s not all. We also assign you a Mountain Mentor to sharpen your effectiveness for the assignment.

Examinations, Certificates and Graduation

The FIREBRAND Forerunners Course closes with a full-Modular, time-bound online Examination in both multi-choice and Essay format. Upon hitting the minimum graduating grade (MGG), you are eligible to graduate from the Program and receive your Certificate. 


Receive a free copy of FIREBRAND Forerunners eBook and FIREBRAND REAWAKEN Devotional, both by Debola Deji-Kurunmi when you join the Bible Course.

Our Faith Stories – Believers Like You. Forerunners for the Kingdom!

Watch the Amazing Experiences of our Alumni

Enjoy Discounted Tuition Fee

We are thankful for the generous support and partnership of our Ministry Partners and Alumni Network, whose financial donations allow us offer you a Discounted Tuition Fee for the entire program.

JOIN FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible Course NOW (50% Discount Voucher VALID TILL Sunday, 20th September 2020)

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Meet our President

Debola Deji-Kurunmi is a transformational catalyst, equipping a new breed of African visionaries to rise and enthrone the continent into global prominence! Her work of coaching, consulting and capacity-building cut across ministry (through Deborah Initiative for Women and FIREBRAND Movement, Personal Transformation Coaching for women (through IMMERSE Coaching Company), as well as public policy and impact advisory (through Ideation Hub Africa).

In 2017, Debola received the FIREBRAND Vision, an urgent prophetic clarion call from our Heavenly Father, to awaken a generation unto God-Hunger and a burning desire for His revival in this this final hour. That same year, she wrote the FIREBRAND Book and afterwards started the FIREBRAND Movement which now includes FIREBRAND Festivals across cities, FIREBRAND Prayer Journal, FIREBRAND Psalms, FIREBRAND Forerunners and more recently FIREBRAND Reawaken Devotional.

Through FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible Course, DDK releases apostolic and prophetic insights that disciple believers into Kingdom paradigms and leadership. She is passionate about a mature global Church that can stand in spiritual consecration and governmental influence in across all systems of society.

An  internationally awarded and recognized leader, conference speaker and corporate trainer, DDK has been severally recognized for her outstanding leadership impact and has received Awards including 2014 New Leader for Tomorrow in the order of business, government, and parliaments at the Crans Montana Forum in Geneva; an award conferred before several Presidents and world leaders. 

She served twice as a Mentor on the Queen’s Young Leader Awards – a UK Government fellowship that honors exceptional young leaders in the Common Wealth. In 2018, she was selected by the US Government as one of Africa’s most promising young leaders and a Mandela Washington Fellow

Last year, she was listed as one of 100 Most Inspiring Nigerian Women and continues to serve as a Youth Representative at the Nigerian Economic Summit Group.

At the 2018 Mandela Washington Annual Summit in Washington DC , Debola delivered the electrifying viral speech on “How to Fry Fish to Solve a Wicked Problemwhere she shared heartfelt insights for African young leaders willing to fix the continent’s toughest challenges. 

DDK as she is fondly called, is an author of 18 books till date, including the classic called FIREBRAND which continues to reach thousands of readers in powerful ways. 

She is joyfully married to her lover, Ayodeji and they are blessed with children. 

Members of our Faculty


Pastor Deji Kurunmi


Pastor Dotun Arifalo


Pastor Sola Okodugha


Imisi Owolabi


Olori Boye-Ajayi


Damilola Oluwatoyinbo


Pastor Dele Osunmakinde

Only YOU can say NO to the TYRANNY of RELIGION

God is calling His sons and daughters to an altar that burns, a worship that is sold-out and an impact on the earth that speaks in the heavens. A vibrant faith is not an exclusive privilege of a select minority. It is the gift you have in Jesus Christ.

More Faith Stories

See More Amazing Experiences from our Alumni

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How do I know FIREBRAND Forerunners is for me?

If you’re experiencing the restlessness of birth pangs in your spirit – you know God is raising an army in this generation, and He has handed you an assignment that is bigger than you; then you should take this Course!  

Is FIREBRAND Forerunners Bible Course online or onsite?

This third cohort of the Course is run as a fully online Program. A Live Reunion Conference is planned for the end of 2020 by God’s grace.

How would the Online Classes run?

You will receive unique log-in and personalized access into the School Platform where you find all learning materials for your use including Video and Audio content of all Modules, Workbooks, Recommending Reading, and Resources. Book Reviews, Learning Discussions and Team Work happen weekly in a Small Learning Team (on WhatsApp) led by Team Moderators.  

What do the Small Learning Teams really offer?

The Small Learning Teams deepen learning, reflection and community which boost the overall experience you will enjoy during the Course. Every week, students within SLTs of about 50 in total, will hold reviews on the Lead Session and Mentorship Seminar of the week, work on assignments together and spend some time praying for one another. They also host a Team Project that impacts directly on a community of choice.  

What if I want our ministry leaders or church workers to sign up for FIREBRAND Forerunners Course?

That’s truly a great idea, and we’d be happy to work with you! If you have a group of up to 10 members signing up together for the Course, you could set up your own Small Learning Team to further drive specific learning and action planning.  

I am not so sure if I’m called to ministry, but I definitely want to be a vessel for God’s work on earth. Can I join?

Yes, that’s our desire too! We want believers, beyond pulpit ministry, to find and fulfil diverse outlets for following God’s call and doing His work.  

How can I know more about FIREBRAND, FIREBRAND Festivals and the Books – FIREBRAND, FIREBRAND Forerunners, and FIREBRAND Prayer Journal?

Thank you for your interest. Please learn more about FIREBRAND here . Please check HERE to learn about FIREBRAND Movement, and HERE for our Book resources.  

I am currently running a Bible School Program, can I still enroll for this Course?

We advise that you complete the Program you’re currently running, and re-enroll for FIREBRAND Forerunners at a different time, as both require your full attention and time.  


Get 50% Discount (to pay N10,000 only) till Sunday, 20th September 2020.

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